Brief History of TCC

Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland (TCCSMD) was formed on December 6, 1964, as a cooperative planning and development agency to foster the social and economic development of the Southern Maryland Region. In 1965, the Governor of Maryland recognized the TCCSMD as the regional planning and development organization for the Region comprising of Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s Counties.  The TCCSMD’s statute was established by Act of the Maryland General Assembly in 1966.   The TCCSMD’s enabling law was reenacted as State General Legislation in 1976 (Article 20, Maryland, Annotated Code).

The purpose of the Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland is to serve as a forum for the resolution of region-wide issues and the attainment of regional goals. The Tri-County Council is a partnership of State and local government established more then forty years ago  as the regional development and planning organization for Southern Maryland.

As such, the Council:      • Provides a framework for cooperation and coordination among the elected, civic and business leaders of the Region.
• Undertakes action programs that focus local, State and federal resources in a comprehensive strategy to enhance the quality of life of all the people of Southern Maryland      • Initiates and coordinates plans and projects which foster the physical, economic and social development of the Region.

In carrying out these responsibilities, the TCCSMD serves as an information and data source, engages in regional planning, serves as an advocate for the region’s interests and priorities at the federal and State levels, qualifies the region for federal and State assistance, and develops programs to meet region-wide needs and goals.

Key elements of the regional strategy:      • Diversify and broaden the economic base      • Preserve agriculture as a viable industry      • Restore and protect the environment      • Implement highway improvements and expand commuter assistance services      • Manage growth and requirements for public services.


                               Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland – Past Chairmen

William A. Chapman – 1965-April 1967                    St. Mary’s County

John T. Parran – 1967-June 1974                             Charles County

C. Bernard Fowler – 1974 – June 1975                     Calvert County

John K. Parlett – 1975 – June 1976                         St. Mary’s County

James F. Dent – 1976 – June 1978                         Charles County

Thomas A. Rymer – 1978 – June 1981                    Calvert County

James C. Simpson – 1981 – December 1984           Charles/St. Mary’s

William A. Bowen – 1985 – 1987                            Calvert County

Robert T. Jarboe – 1988 – 1989                              St. Mary’s County

Thomas “Mac” Middleton – 1990-1991                     Charles County

Hagner Mister – 1992-1993                                    Calvert County

John F. Wood – 1994-1995                                    St. Mary’s County

William Daniel Mayer – 1996-1997                         Charles County

Hagner Mister – 1998 – 1999                                  Calvert County

John C. Smith – 1999-2000                                    Calvert County

Thomas A. Mattingly – 2001- 2002                          St. Mary’s County

William Daniel Mayer – 2002- 2004                         Charles County

David F. Hale – 2005-2006                                      Calvert County

Lawrence D. Jarboe – 2007-2008                              St. Mary’s County

Gary V. Hodge – 2008-2010                                     Charles County

Gerald W. Clark- 2010- 2011                                    Calvert County

Todd Morgan – 2011-2012                                        St. Mary’s County

Mary Lynn Stone – 2011-2012                                  St. Mary’s County

For more information, please call the Tri-County Council at 301-274-1922 or  301-870-2520