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Message from the Director – New Farm Market Ready for Prime Time

Last night brought out several interested vendors at the new Home Grown Farm Market scheduled to open this Tuesday, August 16 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. In addition to fresh local produce, the market will carry local baked goods, meats, arts & crafts, even fiber products from alpacas. The new farm market will complement the California market open on Saturdays in the BAE Systems parking lot across from WalMart. It’s taken a lot of patience and persistence since the County acquired the property 5 years ago for land preservation at the top of the Mattapany Rural Legacy Area just below NAS Pax In the meantime the County subdivided and donated 5 building lots to Patuxent Habitat for Humanity, two of which are developed and occupied, see for Humanity/122123724497166 The farm market site was recently developed. Please visit the new market. Consider being a local vendor. There are still spaces available but they’ll go fast. Patronize the local growers and producers there and at other markets. Eat fresh and buy local. It’s good for you and the local the economy! Remember, Bluegrass through tomorrow at the 23rdAnnual L’il Margaret’s Bluegrass & Old Time Music Festival at the Goddard Farm on Fairgrounds Road .

Great weekend and week ahead, Bob
Director, Department of Economic & Community Development, 301-475-4200 ext.1406

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